Acting together

For nature and the environment

For Edmond Cridel, Acheda’s founding CEO, the current environmental situation has brought into focus the importance
of respecting all natural resources and minimizing our negative impact upon them.

For him, the significance of the Ecolabel that the hotel has been awarded is that it requires the active participation of everyone involved in the hotel’s supply chain – their own staff and suppliers alike.

“This holistic approach demands that we are mindful of the environment in all our day-to-day choices and make sure we ‘walk the talk’ in terms of sustainable practice. Adhesion to the Ecolabel supports our personal and professional commitment to a lifestyle that benefits everyone and the planet we rely on”

Our Ecolabel certification

A voluntary label under EU Regulation EEC 880/92, which acts as a reference point for consumers who want to help reduce pollution and negative impact by purchasing more environmentally-friendly products and services.
Adherents are independently audited to check their commitment:
– to use renewable energy;
– to reduce use of energy & water
– to minimise waste by use of biodegradable products, recycling or reusing
– to prioritise local, sustainable purchasing and delivery of services.

By guaranteeing the best sustainable practice to benefit the environment, we offer you the best as well.

Certification FR/052/454

Our commitments and concrete choices daily

A Cheda is also an active contributor to the development of the ‘Nustrale Charter’- a local community initiative to minimize environmental impact in Bonifacio.

Our employees and suppliers are involved in our responsible purchasing policy through short circuits, natural resource management, choice of materials, recycling, and recovery.

And we are fully committed to this.

Short circuits

Without waiting for this charter, the chef has favoured short circuits and chooses his organic and/or labelled suppliers with great care.

The companies are also chosen preferably as close to us as possible; their know-how according to ancestral techniques still anchors us in our choice to develop Corsica.


Natural resource management

Our gardens are watered using our own well-water and drip-fed – usually overnight to prevent evaporation.
Electricity is saved by using low-energy or LED lighting with contact cards in the rooms.

We have installed 6 charging stations for electric vehicles, including 2 Tesla stations, and our laundry staff use electric vehicles.

We use digital documents wherever possible to minimise paper usage. Single-use plastic has been replaced by biodegradable materials and we recycle all waste as much as possible.

The choice of products and materials

In construction, eco and recycled materials for beams, tiles, etc… are as well as choosing repairable and recyclable equipment, selected for highest eco-energy standards.

Instead of exotic wood, we use wood from eco-managed European forests, driftwood, or wood from Corsican forests such as chestnut.

The trees and flowers for the garden are primarily indigenous, the plants and seeds for the vegetable garden are of farm origin.

In the rooms, we opt for large capacity bottles, refillable containers, and recycled plastic.
We use water from here, filtered by us, for the reception gifts. The air fresheners are based on regionally-produced immortelle oil.

Our Occitane products are organic; those for the shower are created by a young couple from Bonifacio, with water from their cave perfumed with lemons.

Recycling and recovery

Edmond Cridel took part in the development and financing of the Bonifacio commune’s policy for wastewater.
By creating our own well we are self-sufficient for water.

Frying oil is recovered, soaps are recycled via Unisoap and sorted glass is collected via Défi.

In our Potager we produce mulch and compost from vegetable and food waste to improve the soil.

An ethical concept of living together

Consideration, transparency, and awareness are the key to our employment policy.

Our employees are well cared for at work and well-rewarded, each given the respect they are properly due.

Seasonal workers are provided with accommodation, usually on their own.
These conditions encourage their dedication to us as employers and commitment to their mission of welcoming our guests.

From the moment they arrive, we want to make them aware of this spirit.

A story with a team


Director of Accommodation


The Chef


Restaurant Manager


Executive Officer




Head Gardener

Transparency, promoted through digital communication, social networks, and welcome charters, guarantees informed opinion at all levels.

By our “Living Well in Corsica” charter we seek to raise environmental awareness.

The particularities of the islands require behaviours that must be even more respectful of it’s rich but fragile nature.
Scrubland and forests are frequently ravaged by fires, often due to negligence.

And the sea itself it is subject to all kinds of degradation and pollution; great attention must be paid to the respect of the quality of the sea and water. The magnificent seabed, particularly in the classified Lavezzi area, must be strictly protected.

By working to raise awareness of the natural environment and the role we each must play to protect it from degradation we will safeguard the beauties of our island together.

Lodge A Cheda – A Speranza