Weekend serenity

And if you grant yourself a true "detox" of the Spirit?

Enjoy the Corsican Nature, of the Calm surrounding to learn to truly “Let’s go”.

Jean-Luc Sauge, professional movement and stress management will guide you during his workshops that will help you reconnect with your feelings by putting the body in gentle movements, mobilizing the breath through emotional breaths , and the mind with contemplative exercises and mindfulness meditation.

Progress of the Workshop


Arrival of participants
18h-19h30: First meeting, Change of our mode of operation: switch from mode to mode Well Being.
Free dinner


9h-departure for the peninsula of the Testa in Figari Bay (shuttle transport: 20 minutes).
In this extraordinarily refreshing mineral and wild landscape, we will create together a calm moment of meditative marches, contemplations, movements, breaths, presence to Self to enjoy, as the philosopher Montaigne said: “From the simple pleasure of existing” .
13h-return to the hotel for lunch.
In the afternoon, Jean-Luc will receive you for a personalized coaching session and Joelle will take care of you with a 45 minute massage.
Then what will you do with this moment of freedom? Perhaps you could stay in this mode to be, and wander through the streets of the old town of Bonifacio, or walk along the cliffs that help to gain height? We are sure you will find what suits you and what is good for you.
Free dinner

9am-departure for a sandy beach where nature and the scents of the lanscape invite you to a new moment of sweetness
12h-return to the hotel for lunch
15h-Debriefing at the end of the internship and delivery of a memo to find tools to help the serenity implemented during the workshops.
16h-end of internship

New dates to come…