Kitchen garden

The nature to serve you!

All our plants are grown from organic seed on raised beds of our own layered composts following the traditional methods of permaculture, using vegetable waste from both the restaurant and garden together with leaves, branches and other vegetative matter.

The compost is enriched with horse manure, mimicking the processes of natural ecosystems and creating the ideal habitat for earthworms and fungal microspores which greatly improve the structure of the soil.

As a result the garden is free from chemical fertilizers and other sprays that are not always so environmentally friendly.
A surface mulch preserves moisture and reduces the requirement for watering.

The presence of flowers in our garden is beneficial because they attract pollinating insects. We adhere to this responsible gardening practice in order to preserve the ecosystem where flowers and humans live in harmony in a healthy, organic and self-sufficient environment.

Our other services

  • Welcome Baby (baby cot, baby bath, high chair…)
  • Welcome Pet (blanket and dish supplied)
  • Tesla spot (and reload for battery-driven vehicle)
  • Free shuttle to the port