Discover the south of Corsica

Corsica has the particularity of being unique.
Unique because it is an island with an inestimable variety of preserved natural beauty, in an opulent nature and a fascinating maquis, a sea with multiple shades of blue and green.

Its rich past of numerous invaders has forged its wild and rebellious soul and left remarkable traces and a heritage to be preserved everywhere.

Not forgetting gastronomy and oenology…

The sea

The clear waters of the Mediterranean fascinate and attract between contemplation and idleness under the sun and various nautical activities, our “sea” offers you a multitude of activities to enhance its discovery.

Unspoilt islands and the protected seabed of the Lavezzi reserve are the jewels in the crown.


Still very protected in Corsica, nature abounds in breathtaking beauty. No one can remain indifferent to so many colours, perfumes, floral varieties… Our maquis with its varied scents and essences is a jewel to discover.

Chestnut and laricio pine forests, the Aiguilles de Bavella, the Piscia di gallu waterfall…a bath in the mountain streams…the choice is yours…

Discover the charter of eco-tourism
of the Tourist Information of Bonifacio


Bonifacio has a cultural heritage enriched during the numerous invasions. The 12th century Genoese citadel, the maze of steep streets, the marine cemetery, the church of Saint Dominique and its concerts of Corsican music… Each step plunges you into a rich and fascinating history.

Like the villages clinging to the mountainside, the dry-stone walls, and the shepherds’ baracu, the paths of the baroque chapels, the traces of the Bronze Age men in Cucuruzzu, or those of the Genoese and their watchtowers, or even those of Napoleon…The visits are many and varied…

Gastronomy and oenology

For several years, Corsican winegrowers have been keen to raise certain wines to a recognised level of excellence.
These wines, made from grape varieties as different as they are tasty, deserve to be tasted.

As for the gastronomy, its reputation is well established when it comes exclusively from Corsican products, organic or labelled as indicated by the Nustrale charter and the list of our suppliers: authentic and local… to be discovered…