New year to the A Cheda Hotel

How to finish the year to better start it?

The doors of Acheda remain open to the end of the year,

and our chef Lionel Lebrun – Michelin and ‘Maitre Restaurateur’

invites you to enjoy his Corsican-inspired fare.

Sourcing the freshest and best quality ingredients from local producers,

Lionel takes them to an even higher level with his unique blend

of new and traditional cuisine.


Reserve your special evening with restaurant manager François Rocca Serra,

Dining in a cosy atmosphere beneath the soft light of chandeliers.

Professional and knowledgeable,

François will guide you through our wines selected from all over the world


A Cheda – more like a signature


The restaurant is open from 21st December 2019 to 5th January 2020

L’A Cheda purpose you a fine dinner in a calm atmosphere

The service will start at 7.30pm, dessert and champagne for midnight

Aperitive with 5 dishes dinner and 7 servings

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